Wedding video

The most important thing for us is to capture the vivid emotions and atmosphere of the moment in the frame.

Wedding video will look as natural as possible, and our cooperation will be easy and comfortable.

Each wedding is unique, we work with each couple individually, without using standard solutions.

With special awe - to each shot!

Будемо раді знайомству :)

Будь ласка, заповніть форму.
З Вами зв'яжеться відеограф та відповість на всі запитання.
Ми докладемо максимум зусиль, щоб Ви залишилися задоволені співпрацею з нами.


Why choose us?


-We work under contract. The amount of your order and the amount of the advance are documented

-Detailed plan of the wedding day. You will be absolutely sure of the result, because every detail is discussed in advance

-Work comfortably with us. The videographer will always give you advice

-Correct and clear interaction with your photographer

-Adequate video deadlines. You will receive the edited film and video no later than 1-2 months from the wedding day

-We have our own transport. This allows the 'film crew' to always be one step ahead



We will be glad to answer your questions :)